How to transform a raw idea into a unique experience?

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Inspect it in detail!

Your idea is love at first sight? But to be sure it’s the one we check it from all perspectives. Every idea must be shaped before we get blinded by love.

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Squeeze it gently!

Your idea is not in perfect shape? We don't fckn care. The "perfect" shape is not always the best shape for your idea to be experienced. Let's discover the perfect shape for your idea!

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Listen to it carefully.

We all have that one favorite song. This one song that gets us emotional every time. Let’s find that sound to your idea and put a ring on it.

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Smell it deeply!

Remember the guy from the movie “Perfume”? He went crazy after realizing he has no smell. It’s similar to your idea. Worse than a bad smell is no smell at all! We give your experience the aroma everybody will never forget.

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Slowly lick it!

Now lick it! Yes, really lick it! To finish your idea, it needs its own taste. Remember your grandma’s soup, your first kiss ... that’s the unique taste we are looking for!



Should we transform your idea too?

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what we do
Bühne Auto


We believe in experiences. We don't think in conventions, events, incentives or whatever. Our creatives, architects and producers work together to create the live experience which will make your audience relish the here and now. No matter if it's a point of sale installation or a world premiere.

LED Dinosaurier

Mixed Experiences

Ever experienced magic? Had no idea how something really worked? Our digital media experts and artists create decentralized shows, immersive illusions and interactive architecture where the line between real and virtual worlds merge. We call it Mixed Experiences!

who we are

A SYNDICATE of creative PROFESSIONALS United by one codex:

We don't fckn pitch.


We only realise ideas we believe in.


We work in partnership with our clients.


If you are not committed to your story, neither are we.


We don't work for everyone.

Syndicate Crowd